Software versions


"Download the complete ""Evolution"" version with all the analyses, all the views and all the features including the aid to the total prosthesis. In this version, in addition to all the analyses corresponding to the "Element" version, you will find axial, frontal and panoramic analyses. To the Architectural, Orthognatic and Topographic views are added the analyses of the bone and skin profile, the cranial contour of soft tissues (tongue-pharynx); the cranio-spinal analyses, dental and the aid to the total prosthesis. This version also gives you the possibility to modify the F4 fingertip according to 10 possible options. The ""Evolutions" version makes it possible to make precise measurements on the patient’s teleradio, to compare several radios by superimposing them or comparing them side by side. Retouching and image capture are also planned to allow a better analysis. For each of these analyses, the "Evolutions" version combines complete and printable diagnostics for unparalleled readability."

Complementary elements


Download the Tridim file import module. This adds a button on the interface that allows you to repatriate patient files entered in Tridim.


Allows remote handling for software support.

.NET Framework

Necessary complement for computers running on WindowsXP.

Mono Framework

Necessary complement for computers running on MAC.